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Compact in size but still packs a punch, this light-duty Hino 300 Series is dynamic and available in multiple configurations. With exceptional manoeuvrability that gets you ahead of the competition, it is the ideal ride that traverses from busy city streets to freeways like a breeze.



With the latest Japanese Euro 6 engine that delivers a class-leading output of 110kw(150PS) @2700r/min(ISO net), it is both performance and power maximised in a compact body.



Enter the cabin and you will notice the level of attention put to the details. Comfort meets functionality with spacious headroom and legroom, multiple storage space and easy-to-read meters with multi-info display—intuitively designed interior ergonomics that bring everything within your reach.

Each function is optimized to create a safe and comfortable working space for drivers. Visibility is further enhanced with colour-changing needles and display area of the 4.2" Thin Film Transistor LCD monitor of the meters, and two LED room lamps, while the "P" range AMT shift lever improves safety when stopping.


The aerodynamic performance contributes to fuel economy, while the tilt cabin enhances efficiency and reduces downtime by allowing convenient access to maintenance and routine inspections. On top of that, you can choose to configure your Hino 300 Series to suit and adapt to your business' needs.


Safety is always a priority at Hino. With a comprehensive suite of complementing passive and active safety systems, the Hino 300 Series features an enhanced braking performance with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), easy start assist that eases start-offs and prevents roll-backs on hills and inclines, wide view pillar that optimizes visibility, SRS airbag and Emergency Guard Impact Safety (EGIS) for added protection of drivers.


Combination Meters
with Multi-info Display
Folding-type Shift Lever

Tilt and Telescopic Steering

Front and Rear Disk Brakes

SRS Airbag

Emergency Guard Impact
Safety Cab

Easy Start Hill Start Assist

Diesel Particulate
Reduction (DPR) System
*Pictures are meant for illustrations purposes only, local specs may vary.
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