At Hino Singapore, we aim not just to be the market leader, but to partner with you to be the commercial heavyweight too.

Corporate Mission

To make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go―safely, economically and with environmental responsibility―while focusing on sustainable development. At the Hino Group,we all share both the challenge and the inspiration of this Corporate Mission. Its a simple statement that captures what the world expects from us, but it also expresses the great impact we can have just by doing what we do best. After all, we all want Hino to be known for going the extra mile.

As the times changed, the HINO emblem also changed the way it beat it's wings

Hino Symbol

Taken from the initial "H" of Hino Motors the symbolmark shown above represents the fusion of the company's dynamism and expansivity as it advances into the future. Visually, the Hino symbolmark is a stylistic depiction of a sunrise on the horizon.

Arcs connected to the left and right of the central line represent Hino's desire for a sense of logistic unity, connecting the mainline with the terminals. A powerful force generating horizontal expansion along the 'transportation route' of this central line symbolises Hino's commitment to progress.

The mutually attracting curved sides of the symbolmark symbolise the balance between Hino's advanced technologies and the environment. Finally, the double-headed arrow shape of the Hino symbolmark embodies the concept of the company's longstanding credo as a truck and bus manufacturer for "safe passage to and from"

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